Huber Industries: precision camera and instrument mounts: adjustable mount
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Type 300 Model D three axis adjustable instrument and camera mount

Welcome to Huber Industries
Our clients vary: manufacturers, military and aerospace, site managers, and security and law enforcement agencies. The applications vary: a camera used for surveillance, a laser used in production. One thing remains constant: the need for a mount that is strong, rigid, adjustable and easy to install. A mount that will hold up for years with no servicing. It is the need for a precision-engineered component.

Huber Industries, a division of Batesville Products, Inc., has been engineering precision components for over 60 years. Our high-strength aluminum alloy and stainless steel mounts provide reliable service in the harshest environments. They're fully adjustable in multiple axes, including pan and tilt, but rigid once they're positioned and secured in place.

Our standard product range fits hundreds of applications right out of the box. If you need customization, we can provide that. We'll even engineer custom mounts according to your specs. Whatever system you're designing, whatever features you need, we probably have the right mount for the job in stock and ready to ship. If not, we'll create it.

Huber mounts are available for camera, laser, equipment and radio mounting. Common applications include security and site monitoring, machine vision, line inspection, infrared and digital imaging, and bore sighting. Uncommon applications include missile tracking and automotive crash testing.

We've loaded this site with information to help you in your selection process, but we know you'll likely have a few questions. Please call us or send us an e-mail so we can help you get the correct mount. You'll find a list of names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses on the Contact Us page.