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Type 560 Model A Helps Track Missile Launches

TerraMax In 1996 BPI was contacted by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories for assistance in mounting and positioning a LIDAR assembly they were developing. The LIDAR operates similar to RADAR but uses laser energy rather than microwave energy to track targets. This assembly is used at the missile range complex in White Sands, NM for tacking missile launches.

In order to get the fine adjustment that engineers at Lawrence Livermore were looking for it was necessary for us to design and construct a special gear reduction box that attached to the elevation adjustment of the mount. In addition, the azimuth adjustment screw was replaced with one of finer pitch to allow for more precise adjustment. The choice of our Type 560 Model A mount was made based on its larger size and load capabilities. Since they were going to be mounting a composite base plate and 10-inch telescope on top of it, the mount had to be large and stable. The 560-A mount answered the call.

This application is a good example of BPI's ability to work with our customers to develop a unique solution that meets their requirements. In this case, by modifying an existing mount design, we were able to give Lawrence Livermore a rugged positioning platform for targeting their sensitive laser tracking system.

Type 201 Model D mount Utilized at Naval Warfare Center

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When the Naval Warfare Center in China Lake, CA needed a positioning device that included both rotational positioning and translational focusing, they turned to BPI for help.

The designers at BPI, working with the technicians at China Lake, arrived at a solution that combined a Huber Type 201 Model D mount and a micro-adjustable linear translational stage. The result, a positioning device with two axes of rotation and one translational axis, included a custom dovetail plate machined to align with and sized for attachment of their equipment. In this case the receptacle was removed from the 201-D mount and the translational stage was attached directly on top of the adjustable segment. The receptacle was then attached to the translational stage with the custom dovetail plate completing the assembly.

Type 300 Model D Chosen for Autonomous Military Truck Project

When Oshkosh Truck decided to field an entry into the government's Grand Challenge autonomous vehicle competition, they turned to Huber Mounts for help. For their Team TerraMax vehicle, Oshkosh needed mounts that would provide the adjustability and precision needed to guide the truck. Those mounts would also have to stand up to the rigors of the 150-mile desert test course. The solution: Huber Mounts' Type 300 Model D.

Early tests have been successful, and Team TerraMax is among the contenders that will compete in the National Qualifying Event scheduled for September 27 through October 6, 2005.

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